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Fish Real Estate
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 Equestrian Horse Farm 116 Bloomingrove Road Annex, Wmspt., PA   WB-77709



419 Troy Road, Cogan Station, PA  17728       WB-77980  PRICE REDUCED!

Come preview this expansive contermporary styled home and see how current owners have extensively styled the home and grounds to perfe



1505 Princeton Avenue, Williamsport, PA     WB-77670                PRICE REDUCED!!



283 S. Lycoming Mall Drive, Pennsdale,  PA   WB-77047 (Residential)  WB-77048 (Commercial)


Located between Lycoming Mall and Lycoming Crossing Shopping Center



PRICE Just Reduced to $349900!!






Eagles Mere Land, Mountain View Lane, EAGLES MERE, PA





Premier Service" IS IN THE DETAILS!   Additional Direct Phone Number for Karen  570-220-5636   
Commitment, Service & Results!

A fulltime, experienced Associate Broker, Buyer Agent, Certified Residential Specialist and PA Residential Appraiser offering market knowledge in all aspects of listing and selling residential homes, land, commercial properties, new construction and residential farms.   Serving the Greater Williamsport area and Lycoming County.  Click on this link to download extensive local relocation details and facts from our Chamber of Commerce.  http://www.williamsport.org/Relocation/

Note to all homeowners in our market area....I have numerous buyers looking for a property to purchase-all shapes & sizes, all price ranges.  Interest rates are very affordable now and buyers are out looking for that perfect property!

NOTE FOR SELLERS/BUYERS: For maximum internet exposure your  enhanced residential listing  or land listing  (listed with me) will appear on five web sites:   www.fishre.com,    www.fishre.com/karenmitchell ,  www.karendmitchell.comwww.realtor.com  and  
www.wbvrealestate.com.    I have 2 mobile websites for the public to quickly look up your property information from their cellphones.

For all COMMERCIAL ACTIVE LISTINGS listings in Lycoming County go to this quick link:  http://link.flexmls.com/rogu24kag7l,5

Relocating?   Moving into our area- I can send you (overnight mail) our relocation packet on our area.  Moving out of our area-I can give you a free market analysis of your property and refer you to an agent in the area you are moving.  Call me at 570-326-1561 Ext. 162.

Our office also has a mid size panel truck for buyers/sellers who have purchased or sold thru Fish RE  to reserve on your moving day or whenever convenient.   Call ahead to reserve the day or days you wish to use it!   Questions regarding this new service or to reserve;  contact Amanda  at our office and she will email, fax or tell all the details to reserve the truck.  (Note:  $20.00 non refundable fee)

Although all of our listings are viewable online at www.fishre.com  they are also advertised locally in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, the Webb Weekly, The Real Estate Journal and the Lycoming Shopper.  Specialty properties such as historic homes, equestrian properties, farmland, rural land etc. are advertised in appropriate  publications  such as "Sports Afield" to receive maximum exposure for our sellers.  For "Commercial Listings" in Lycoming County go to: http://link.flexmls.com/rogu24kag7l,5

Note:  NEW Homeowners:  Sign up for the Homestead Act before March 1 or after Nov 1 (any year).  Residents in Williamsport save $317.17, Loyalsock $131.67, Montgomery $208.81, Montoursville 132.04, Muncy $174.61, South Williamsport $226.45.    Appealing your real estate tax assessment?  This has to be accomplished between July 1, 2016 and September 1, 2016..

 Another Gas Royalty Calculator      http://geology.com/royalty/

Need a rental?  Please email me at kdmonline@msn.com  or call me  570-220-5636 or go to the residential rental link below.   If you want to speak to someone about existing or new property management please contact Jennifer Ruelens at 570-505-3347 or email her at Jruelens@fishpm.com

All MLS Residential Rentals are at this link:   http://link.flexmls.com/roh66wiq38b,5



WILLIAMSPORT, PA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE VISITORS GUIDE:  http://www.vacationpa.com/pdfs/10visitorsGuide.pdf

School Maps & Info:   http://paayp.emetric.net/District/Map/c41/117417202

Flood Resources: http://www.lycomap.org

Consumer Notice:  http://pafhamortgage.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/CONSUMER-NOTICE.pdf

I am a PA Certified Residential Appraiser and I am available to do appraisals anytime. I can be reached anytime on my cell phone 570-220-5636 or by appointment at my appraisal office at 10 West Third Street, 1st Fl.,  Williamsport, PA  17701.   That phone is 570-326-2060.

Appraisal Thoughts:  What if your appraised value comes in lower than selling price.  Here are some things to review and consider.

Be proactive:

To determine the market value of a home, an appraiser compares prices of comparable homes recently sold in the area. Then they take an apples-to-apples approach, excluding or making adjustments for certain features, such as a swimming pool or finished basement.

One way to make it less likely that the appraiser will miss something is for the homeowner to provide details on any improvements made to the home, said Lance Coyle, president of the Appraisal Institute, a professional association.

Homeowners can also ask to accompany the appraiser during the inspection, although they should run that by the lender first, as the appraisal is done on behalf of the bank.

Talk to the buyer

Homeowners can appeal an appraisal, but before taking steps to do that they should find out if the buyer is willing to pay the higher price.

"There are some buyers who will not pay a penny more than the appraised value," said Paul Stone, an agent for the real estate brokerage Redfin in Denver.

Buyers who agree to pay the contract price will be willing to help make the case to their lender in favor of considering an appraisal appeal, he said.

Review the appraisal

Ask for a copy of the appraisal report. Federal law requires lenders provide the appraisal upon request within 30 days.

Look for potential factors that the appraiser may have missed when comparing the property to similarly priced homes that sold recently. Does the house require major remodeling, or is the number of bedrooms and baths comparable? Did the appraiser make adjustments for the lot sizes of the homes?

Make your case

Most lenders have appraisal appeal procedures, known as reconsiderations of value.

With the buyer's permission, contact the lender and show them any discrepancies or information that the appraiser didn't consider in the assessment. One option is to ask the lender to order a second appraisal for comparison purposes. If the lender agrees, that can run from about $200 and up, depending on the home. And there's no guarantee the new appraisal will turn out any different.

Ultimately, the original appraiser will determine whether any information submitted in the appeal merits a change to the initial appraisal.


If the original appraisal stands following an appeal, the process is over. At this point, the sale will likely fall through, unless the buyer can kick in a bigger downpayment to cover the difference between the loan and the contract price.

"From the buyers' perspective, if the appraisal comes in low, it's either an opportunity to renegotiate the price or it means you're overpaying," said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.com.

Still, in markets where the inventory of homes for sale is particularly tight, there will be more pressure on the buyer to make up the difference in the appraised value versus the contract price, particularly if it's only a few thousand dollars.

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